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Sunday, May 12, 2024

Before there was YouTube or Instagram or Facebook, there was CABLE-TV! Full of weird and fun shows where you never knew what was gonna happen.
DAYTIME on Rogers Cable Vancouver was hosted by Mike Eckford & Fiona Forbes and they had me on tons of times hyping my books, CDs, live shows and whatever.
If you're a performer, there are pieces you really enjoy doing no matter what. This was mine. I have never been to Tokyo or Japan but this story of falling in love there actually connected with one of my RALPH zine readers who really did fall in love in Tokyo (wow).
Here is the late Tom Harrison and myself back in January, 1998, doing a pretty cool beat vibe on Sunshine For Flowers (from the first RALPH album). Tom had an incredible pop sense and ability to sync in totally to what we were trying to do.
Put more love into the world.


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