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Friday, November 27, 2009

One Life For Another

(Ralph Alfonso)

Sometimes you have to
trade one life for another
Early morning slip out
the back door, gun the
car out the highway
Let somebody else worry about
the mystery of your existence
analyze the clues, poke over
the remains of a life
interrupted, figure out the
hole in the corner you had
to crawl out of

I'm busy pumping gas
complaining about the
coffee and joking with the
waitress i'll be
sleeping on her couch later
dreaming about
which wrong road
to take now

One life for another
the prize door or the
jail door with the cop
car in your mirror,
broken tail light where's your
license better fix that
better move on
can't stop to worry about
the cards collapsing


Red or green... hard to figure out when you're colour blind at life's intersection, i guess

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The original RALPH group back in 1995 in the back alley of the now defunct Starfish Room, originally shot for the long gone Soundproof cable show, Vancouver. That is Ron Radar Stelting on bongos and hair, Ralph on vocals and hair, Tom Harrison on bg vocals and goatee, and Mike Rummen on guitar and hair (plus hair). This particular song has expanded and metamorphosed quite bit since its original incarnation witnessed here.