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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ralph - Unreleased Songs (Phil Ochs Tribute)

The songs "April Say" and "Stars That Are Silver" can be downloaded for free.

"April Say" was recorded in Toronto with Kevin Quain on piano and accordian. That is Kevin on keyboards also for "Goodbye Jack. Kerouac."

"Stars That Are Silver" was inspired by and dedicated to Phil Ochs. This track was recorded in Vancouver with Dave Rave on guitar and engineered by Buck Cherry (MOdernettes) and Gord Nicholls (POinted Sticks). This is the acoustic version. There is a fuller version with Gord on keyboards.

Just select the song and click the Download button (this button appears only for these two tracks).

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Last Year's Valentine

RALPH. "Last Year's Valentine" from the album, This Is For The Night People.
Directed by Chris Hooper. Starring Sandra Steier as the girl and Graham Howell as the guy.
Vintage Car by Graham Howell.
Produced by Alison E. Rogers for Ladybird Films.
Music by Ralph Alfonso and Michael Rummen.
(c) 2011 by Ralph Alfonso/Bongo Beat Records

This Is For The Night People