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Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Is All About


 Wow, it's been a while. Sometimes it takes a bit of winter chill to get the muse on the go, or maybe it's that I've always liked this time of the year; snow settling in and that soft twilight haze all night long.....

 Here's something new but really it's about something old -


 Christmas Is All About

 Christmas is all about
the kitchen smells
the twinkling stars
cause it's dark out early
that soft glow
footprints in the snow
leading to the back door
into the kitchen
It's a big apple pie
cooling on the oven
but it has to wait
There's a turkey to slice up
and serve
All the kids at their little table
and all of us at ours
Some nice wine
Glasses blinking
reflections from the
 lights swirled around
the Christmas tree
cut fresh
yesterday at Mr. Miller's farm
and now
with a purple star
all knowing
all seeing
always embracing
at this time of year

 - Ralph Alfonso Dec 2, 2013


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