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Monday, July 11, 2016

16 Years Ago - This Is For The Night People

It's occurred to me that not many of you are aware that I put out some great albums in my heyday as a beatnik jazz guy. 16 years ago, we dropped this cool oeuvre into the world. It was difficult to create and even more difficult to top, so I didn't.

It was Top Ten on BravoTV and Top Ten on the college charts and fabulous reviews from the UK, USA, France and a national tour with Lee Aaron and all kinds of stuff (my second book came out at the same time and we had the Raincoast Books machine behind us as well). It was even available via the Columbia House Record Club and made it on to the flier of cds you could have for 99 cents! That alone was the pinnacle. You can't really top that. And I didn't.

There's been bits and bobs in the years since (EPs, digital only releases, free downloads - the scattered bits of a 4th album that never got done). Well, THIS year, I've decided to get it together and see if we can coax lightning in a bottle one more time. If you're a musician friend, the call may come sooner than you think (but more likely in October - everyone goes home in October).

The concept is cool. Can't jinx it.

But in the meantime. It's late. Coffee's on. Storm's about to hit. Wind is sweeping out the streets and balconies and .... there you are.... in a car... somewhere....

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