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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Love Poem To My Car

I have only really ever owned three cars in my life; a 76 Ford Granada Ghia (black), traded in for an 87 Honda Accord which carried me to Vancouver and was faithful for 17 years until the repair bills were too much and donated to charity and then came the 1992 white Mercury Topaz, a west coast "beater" with low mileage (under 100k!) that I had shipped to Montreal but the Eastern winter was too much... it made it through to see spring but again, its engine repair would cost double what I paid for it so the dealer gave me some money out of sympathy and now I have a lease on a 2006 Mazda. It's sleek and modern and time will tell on our friendship but having a car without a cassette player is very strange for me.


Love Poem For My Car

Quiet nights
under stars
who knew
we'd end up here
your engine like a second heartbeat
your courage through adversity
all the coffee spills
forgive me
but at the end of our
you saw summer,
winter, and finally
to lay you to rest
no more tears to old cassettes
Shirelles dedicated
to the one I love
no more rides over the mountain
Montreal sunsets
St. Joseph's bright spire
guides you home

RIP, Brave Topaz, 1992-2009


Poeme d'amour pour mon char

Adieu mon char
c'etait bien nos reves
nos amours
destinations inconnus
tous les deux
ici a la fin
c'etait un bon job
on a arrive
et maintenant
tu doit partir

RIP, Belle Topaz, 1992-2009


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