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Saturday, January 1, 2011

CHRISTMAS WEEK - Saturday After - New Year's Day

Our Christmas week adventures through our emotional back pages end with a toast to a new year, a hope that this is the year when things will right themselves, when the compass holds steady as our life's sails go forward into the unknown. You can be on deck sucking in the fresh air or hiding in the cabin - either way, the journey has started. See you somewhere.


happy new year

the bells are all ringing

happy new year

the backslaps and


and all of the cheer

the pop of the bottles

the champagne is here

and backwards all misty eyed

the last year's parade

but forward now march

into nowhere known yet

my flag will be first

let no one forget

ralph alfonso


DEC 29: cigarettes and ashtrays

cigarettes and ashtrays

scheming through

the haze

of red wine bravado

this is the plan

the world

our oyster



our bullion

crackers the fortress

to climb

and here....

bright green grapes


careful with the bread

not too thin a slice

not too thick


your name

is Spanish Red

you have conquered all

your peers lie at your feet


now is the hour

of triumph

a twist of the cap

the prize is here


dig deep the fork




antipasto for all

raise high the crackers

the crunch of victory


ralph alfonso


Ohbijou, "New Years"

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