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Friday, December 31, 2010

CHRISTMAS WEEK - Friday After - New Year's Eve Toronto Airport

New Year's Eve. How many of us have spent a good part of the day sitting at an airport.... mostly deserted except for the few of us tethered by circumstance.... occasionally walking around... cursing at the vending machines and their ridiculous prices... making do with the last cup of coffee from the aiport cafe, just before they shut down so the employees can go home... just like we're going home...

Lots to think about during this nether time...

Year lived. Year lost.
For me personally I have discovered the veneer of friendship is either very thin or very deep...
You always learn at least one thing....


DEC 31: new year's eve at toronto airport

new year's eve

toronto airport

all of us tired and

sleepy eyed

bundled up

waiting to go home

new year

new life

what will happen now?

who knows?

seats 10-24 are ready for boarding

ralph alfonso


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