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Friday, December 24, 2010

CHRISTMAS WEEK - Christmas Eve

Last day of travel... last day on the road... last chance to reflect...
pretty soon the airplane will touch down... the train will grind to a stop...
the bus will puff and wheeze... and the car waits for the last red light to go green...

almost home



I'm going home for
The holidays so we
Can be together
In our separate ways
There's so much that
Can't be said as we
Sit and count the daya

Ralph Alfonso



i'm saying goodbye to another
all night truck stop
i throw away my paper cup
and the wind lifts it up
maybe one day i'll wake up
and see some sunlight in my world
but right now
all i got is the glare
of every kind of car
going the wrong way on my highway
i keep eating up gas and donuts
and every kind of candy bag is
lying on my back seats
yeah All Night, Good Eats
anywhere but your world is
good enough for me
i am your friend for this minute
for this hour, for this weekend
i am glad to bless you with
God's kindness, I am happy to
give you knowledge
but somewhere soon, i'm hoping
i can have some of this for me
i've got plenty of time to hurry up
so i can run around here
in the middle of nowhere
smoking my last cigarette on the roof
of this ghost town motel
i try very hard to listen to
these whispers in my heart
telling me
all out flat out
that's what cars are for
you put your foot to the floor
the stars are spinning
maybe jackpot on a lucky streak
well, that would be very nice
two sevens clash on tumbling dice
i am counting every star in heaven tonight
and maybe somebody may be counting on me
i won't let you down
every angel must come around
your smile makes me stronger you know
and your faith is beside me
wherever i go

ralph alfonso

almost home.

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