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Thursday, December 16, 2010

CHRISTMAS WEEK - Friday Before....

As we approach Christmas 2010, here are some daily holiday thoughts collated together from various disparate sources, some of which originally appeared on my and some from my two books. The MySpace blog contains some wonderful experiments but there is no search mechanism and scrolling back through past posts is very cumbersome so I'm assembling most of my Christmas canon (I know) here.

C'est Jolie Noel/Christmas Is Nice


c'est jolie Noel
et te baiser
si belle
s'il y a un Dieu dans ma vie
c'est grace a toi ici

et c'est neige et soleil
le matin quand je me reveille
ce fut toujours comme ca
quand c'est toi qui est la

this is our very first Noel
we woke to see the
snow that fell
and Sunday choirs
Christmas bells
I'm grateful for these
winter sounds and
laughter, kindness
with you around

ralph alfonso
*hear the song on the Ralph CD, "Sophisticated Boom Boom"


One Last Montreal Poem In December

one last Montreal poem in December
one last cigarette (from November)
one last coffee resting beside some toast
quiet little diner
seat in the corner
paper's missing the sports section
but there's a good view of the snow
and the christmas lights
and the black spiraling staircases
every house has got one
and who doesn't love
in Montreal

ralph alfonso



the fireplace
and you and i

maybe there's snow
or maybe not

flames on the candles
melting wax

night time
stars are out
scratchy records
(real music will never wear out)

drink hot coffee
from a bottomless cup

it's nothing
but it's everything
if it makes you smile

ralph alfonso

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