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Monday, December 20, 2010

CHRISTMAS WEEK - Monday Before...

This is the week for trains and buses, planes and cars... 
everyone going home or maybe leaving home
The red glow of a lunar exclipse at 3am on a deserted highway... 
deserted rest stop... 
closed restaurant... 
vending machine with one bag of chips left.....


the car is starting
snow is falling
it's time to go
and no matter where
the road will take you
how many towns
you will pass through
Gander, St. John's, Halifax, Moncton
the star inside you
brightly shining
always burning
to guide you to

ralph allfonso



Little angels
Spread our wings
To and fro
In fallen snow
And God will shine
His stars more bright
To guide our way
Back home tonight

  1. ralph alfonso



it's ok
it's just a cigarette
roll the window down
let the wind suck it all away
like everything else
i've thrown down this highway
gas station, trees
runaway girls sitting on their backpacks
that's the way it goes
like the coffee's too hot
the donut's too dry
it's ok
you're my best friend
listening to another old man
complaining about his teeth
i used to love the radio
i used to live for looking up at stars
listening to A.M. guitars
but now
my head's down to the wheel
4:am rolling out of the
parking lot
is this really my life
maybe i should've stayed in line
the next guy got lucky
it's ok
he ain't going nowhere
and they say
what you notice first
is the air
cold and pure inside your lungs
100 miles an hour
silos and farms and trucks for sale
rusting in the yard
but it's all a laugh
where are we now
does it matter?
as long as we're not where
we were

ralph alfonso

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