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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

CHRISTMAS WEEK - Wednesday Before...

Montreal Snow

Yeah, there's some
not lots
and it's cold
I forgot how cold
but I'm here this week
oblivious to the world
recharging batteries
fighting an awful flu
I just saw some old family movies
for the first time
capsule moments
from the 60s
the only footage of my late mother
briefly there
smiling at the camera
young and beautiful
and then gone
cut to some airplane flying over
our backyard
and footage of my grandfather
dapper in black
smoking a cigarette
all of them at the grave
of my beloved uncle
who died too young
and who I will now visit tomorrow
he's not too far from
his sister
my mother
peace at last
from a new world
that promised so much
rewarded so little

Ralph Alfonso



You stop to sit
on a child's swing
Here is winter everywhere
We walk through the dust
of pleasant memories
of carousels at the Fair
and smells and laughter
and everyone there
children running
after a summer sun
and baskets of flowers
and foods for everyone
and dancers step to
the flutes and the drums
and mandolins
and bangles and things
and tho they are gone
we shall always be there
full of hope
full of light
full of love

ralph alfonso


ashes to ashes

Cote des Neiges cemetery
all quiet
and white
everyone asleep
cradled in God's arms
there but for the grace of
nothing is fair
i think
eternity ends here

ralph alfonso


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